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NYE with Justin Bieber


As the world anxiously awaited the grand entrance of 2021, the traditional New Year's Eve bash faced a tough adversary—good ol' coronavirus. After a year of Zoom parties and virtual shenanigans, brands knew they had to whip up something extraordinary to outshine the mundane.

So, we teamed up with none other than the Biebs himself, Justin Bieber, to concoct the most mind-blowing New Year’s Eve spectacle. Picture this: an experience so epic that you could revel in it from the cozy confines of your couch or, for the daring, at a venue specially picked to ignite that concert fever.


Thanks to T-Mobile's wizardry, fans got to livestream Justin’s first full-length concert in four years. But wait, there's more! Through a social extravaganza, a handful of lucky winners got their hands on an exclusive NYE celebration pack, turning their home party into a glittery affair that even Gatsby would envy.


Premios Juventud
From backstage to onstage and beyond


With a sprinkle of imagination, we cracked the code to bring fans into the heart of the Premios Juventud action, forging an unprecedented closeness to their favorite artist—even when miles apart. In cahoots with T-Mobile, CNCO, and influencer Sebas, we unraveled a social masterpiece exclusively for the fans.

We kicked it off with a series of vibrant videos guiding fans through the entire awards show journey, from glamming up at home to peeking behind the curtains at rehearsals, all in the style of a FaceTime call. But hold on, here's the kicker: the grand finale offered fans the golden ticket to virtually mingle with CNCO. How? By tweeting during Premios Juventud from where you were watching the show using our branded hashtag. From the cozy sanctuary of their homes, fans not only witnessed the show but also embarked on an intimate rendezvous with their cherished artists.

post malone

Post Malone’s Tour: Unlocked


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Only a powerhouse network can sneak you inside the phone of one of the year's most influential artists, unveiling the untold stories behind his cherished tour memories tucked away in his device.

All of this, seamlessly paired with the promotion of T-Mobile’s music perks, such as exclusive concert tickets for our customers. We even sprinkled in a dash of humor with a series of memes, proving that we were taking Post Malone on a nationwide joyride.

Instant Connection to
Premio Lo Nuestro


In a world where concerts vanished and awards shows took a hiatus, fans were left hanging, yearning for a solid connection to their music idols. Enter Camilo, the GRAMMY-winning maestro, and our ingenious plan for Premio Lo Nuestro. We transformed T-Mobile's 5G into the unsung hero, connecting Camilo and his Tribu in a way that screamed 'instant connection.'


Camilo vibing with his fans, a virtual cross-country performance that defied distance, and even Camilo slipping into fans' phones with a voicemail treat. We didn't just bridge the gap; we threw a party in it, bringing fans nationwide a heartbeat away from their favorite artist. Obstacles? Nah, we swiped left on those.

Premio lo Nuestro

iHeart Music Festival